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The Materials

Decorative papers in a row

Decorative Papers

We use a variety of carefully selected papers from all around the world. Always keeping in mind that we want to create luxury notebooks. The papers we select are also less prone to wear and tear due to their quality and thickness. 

hand bound notebook without a cover

Inner Papers

We use an acid free 120gsm paper compared to most standard notebooks which use something in the region of 80-90gsm. This makes the pages a much higher quality and much nicer to write on.

mill board lying flat with decorative blue paper on top


The board is used for the covers and is what gives a notebook its strength. Many notebook brands use a board called grey board, the issue with this is that it offers relatively poor strength qualities and in most cases is not acid free which can lead to fading.

This is why we use a board called mill board. This is much stronger, is acid free so it will not deteriorate and is harder to the touch giving it a more luxurious feel.

row of colourful notebook spines

Book Cloth

The book cloth is what is wrapped around the spine of a notebook and adds strength and flexibility. We use a high quality open weave book cloth and carefully select the colours to match our papers.

bundle of thread with needle going through


We use a waxed linen 3 ply thread that is very strong and will keep your notebook in great shape throughout its lifetime of use.

row of notebook headbands


The headbands are located at the top and bottom of the spine and prevent wear at the top and bottom of the book as well as being highly decorative. We choose our headbands to match or complement the colours of our notebooks.

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